Loans Without Pay Envelope: Requirements Required to Get Them

Can I get a loan without a paycheck ? Is it possible to have cash on loan without being able to prove that I have a fixed income?

In today’s guide we will take care of all the circumstances and all the possibilities in this sense, to get the loan you need even if you do not have a paycheck or pension and therefore you cannot offer guarantees of an income type.

Let’s see together what the market has to offer and if there is something convenient for those who are in your condition.


  • What are loans without payroll?
  • What are the guarantees required for a loan without a pay slip?
  • Eye, unfortunately there are many scams in this area
  • Watch out for rates: you can always get better online
  • Who to ask for guarantee

What are loans without payroll?


Loans without payroll are loans that are also given to those who do not have a demonstrable fixed income, as they do not receive salary as an employee or as a pensioner.

These are loans that exist and that can be accessed under certain conditions, always providing other types of guarantees that are not those of an income type.

We therefore need to offer something or someone as a guarantee, even if we will deal with this specific issue later.

What are the guarantees required for a loan without a pay slip?


There is little to turn around: the credit institution that has to give us the loan has no income guarantee in the event that we do not have a pay slip, which means that it will require some other type of guarantee to protect itself and for obviously going to recover, in the event that we do not have to pay the repayment plan installments, the sum loaned.

There are different types of guarantees that the bank can request to offer us a loan without a pay slip:

  • mortgages and collateral pledges : they can be applied to houses owned by us, or to registered movable assets (they are those of great value, such as airplanes and boats, or financial securities) – but this is a hypothesis to be used more and more rarely, as the costs for the mortgage and for the security guarantee are so high as to make the whole store between us and the bank not very advantageous. In fact, the exorbitant costs for the mortgage or foreclosure guarantee would be added to the interest rates and to the costs necessary for the loan;
  • personal guarantees of a third party : typically parents are asked, which they guarantee through a surety; in general, the third party who will provide security in our place must already be known by the credit institution; in this case, if we do not have to repay the loan, it will be the third party who offered the guarantee to have to repay in our place;

Given the problems associated with using the first mode, it is the second most frequently used.

Eye, unfortunately, there are many scams in this area

It is worth remembering in this context that there are unfortunately many scammers online who offer loans without payroll , perhaps even to insolvent, protested or bad payers.

When a loan is offered to you by subjects who do not work for banks or for recognized financial intermediaries, perhaps offering conditions that are too good to be true , it is always better to be wary.

In fact, we are often in front of a very complex system of fraud, which aims to get us money without ever getting the loan.

The most typical mode of operation of this type of scams is the following:

  • we are contacted by individuals who boast of working for some large bank, perhaps foreign;
  • we are approved the loan that we have requested, often with the offer of bank documents, by the fraudster, which are precisely false;
  • we are required to pay the costs in advance , for variable sums that would be necessary, according to the fraudster, to open the file;

Once the upfront costs are paid, the scammer unfortunately disappears and not only will we not have obtained the loan, but we will also have lost the money we paid upfront.

Watch out for rates: you can always get better online

loan rates

The rates on this type of loans can be very high, as we are talking about personal consumer loans with greater complications, since in the vast majority of cases special guarantees such as the guarantee will have to be used.

In addition to interest rates, the costs associated with obtaining and repaying the loan can therefore also increase. Check TAN and APR that are proposed to you by the financial institution and then, even in a few minutes, compare them with those you can get online.

You will find that offers of loans without payroll online are increasingly advantageous, with reduced payments compared to both the interest rates we will have to repay and the loan costs themselves.

Going to choose an online loan method to obtain liquidity without a paycheck, you will have the certainty of obtaining the lowest interest rates and, more generally, the lowest possible connected costs.

You will thus get liquidity without giving back to the bank enormously larger sums than those you actually obtained.

Who to ask for a guarantee

Asking for a guarantee for a personal loan is not a trivial matter. However, if we do not have a pay slip that we can offer as a guarantee, it is practically the only way we have available to obtain liquidity.

But we must realize that we are asking the third person, although perhaps linked to us by relationships of kinship or very important friendships, a very important commitment.

Parents are obviously the first ones that must come to mind when we find ourselves in the need to request such a thing.

Let us remember, however, that in the event that we are not able to repay the installments, it will be the third to have to answer them and leave someone in trouble can quickly ruin the relationships, however good and important, we had with that person.

Let us therefore entrust ourselves only to those who can understand our situation and above all the obligations connected to it.